Custom made

What is the use of watches, jewels, fast cars? Not just to know the time, to make a décolleté more beautiful or quickly move from one city to another. Their purpose, their true primary function is to please their buyer the very moment he buys them and let him sense later those positive emotions which make the passing-by days feel more joyful and interesting. This probably is the meaning that brought Scatola del Tempo to create bespoke items only for exclusive and selected customers. A court member of one of the richest Sultanate in the World asked for a special setting of drawers for his precious cabinet, equipped with winders and spaces to store watches and jewels for a total of 600 pieces!
In the most recent years, Scatola del Tempo teamed up with one of the most prestigious Italian safe manufacturer and produced in Limited Edition the TimeSafe®, a safe lined in leather containing 21-24 winders and drawers to store jewels. In few years different versions of this model have been developed on demand, demonstrating that the market is going through a complete change that requires flexibility in ideas and availability to explore unknown territories.


This is the way Scatola del Tempo wants go. Bespoke items, being them armoured furniture, safes, jewelry cases or winders units to place in bedroom’s wardrobes are the latest challenge that Scatola del Tempo is facing with success. 
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Furniture designed and made by Boucher & Co Australia with Scatola del Tempo winders inside. 

Timesafe XXL