A passion from the start

The creation of Scatola del Tempo goes back to the end of the 1980s and was serendipitous, as it happened, not as a result of a conscious diversification of an existing business, or even a marketing decision. Scatola del Tempo was born from the desire and inventiveness of a watch collector, Sandro Colarieti, who needed watch boxes of the same high quality of his watch collection. Unable to find such boxes in the market place, he decided to make them for himself, using local craftsmen and the finest quality materials.

Initially, he made a small series of boxes, giving those he did not need for himself to friends. After a while, requests from others for similar watch boxes started arriving. This is how Scatola del Tempo, with its “Made in Italy” luxury products, was born and is now known and appreciated across five continents.

This story is all about objects that are designed with a real depth of knowledge about what they are destined to contain. It is about pure quality, employing the hand skills of the best craftsmen, using the best leather, and it is about innovative technical solutions to match the classic taste and elegance of the boxes.

In the production cycle, everything starts with the design of the internal shapes and sizes, in such a way as to accommodate almost all styles of watch available today, for storage and transportation in perfect safety.

Every mould is first covered with a shock absorbent material and then with genuine calf leather. This operation is delicate and is done by hands with years of experience.

Other details like the clasps and zippers are also made in exclusive designs and are refined with palladium plating to ensure a lifetime of use and wear.

The watch winder dates back to 1990 and the concept was designed to maintain the working of the movements in automatic models, including the time and date functions, which is particularly critical for perpetual calendar models. Until this innovation, there was nothing available in the market for collectors to comfortably place their watches on winders in a safe, nor compact enough to take on a trip.

Sandro Colarieti created the 1RT model, the first in a long series of winder boxes in various sizes and designs, which enjoyed an immediate success. Many of the most famous Swiss watch houses started to use Scatola del Tempo winders, with Patek Philippe immediately ordering winders to supply with their most prestigious watches.

The watch winders are equipped with high precision micro-motors, governed by microprocessors that can rotate the winders clockwise and anti-clockwise. Most offer 10 programs, varying the number of hours the winder operates in a 24-hour period and the number of rotations each hour. All models can be powered using alkaline batteries and all the larger ones by mains power through a transformer. These motors are made exclusively for Scatola del Tempo in Switzerland, using specialised personnel working expressly on these products. The principle characteristics are low energy consumption, reduced discharges of magnetic fields and extraordinary reliability.

The assembly of all models in the Scatola del Tempo collection is carried out in their workshops in Italy, as is the quality control for all the other materials, including leather, and the operation of the mechanical parts.

The essential concept on which Scatola del Tempo is based is that nothing in the design or construction of its products is underestimated, or left to chance. From the ergonomics of the watch holders, to the choice of the best silks, clasps, leathers, wood veneers and the electronics and mechanics of the rotors, every single piece is made with the utmost care and commitment to every detail.