Scatola del Tempo, inventor of the watch winder

In love with his prestigious automatic watches, Sandro Colarieti imagines for them a motored-powered case that ensures a perpetual winding. This innovative idea, dictated by his passion for watches and mechanics, never stopped evolving.


For Sandro Colarieti, being a passionate about fabulous cars, exceptional boats and watches with automatic movements imagined by the world’s elite manufacturers, reveals an immoderate love for high-precision mechanics. For his watches, he invents boxes that defy time… The name Scatola del Tempo has just been born! In its winding box, each watch thus continues to live when Sandro’s wrist no longer provides the movement necessary for winding. That great system didn’t exist… He invented it!

Since 1989, at the beginning of his new activity, Sandro Colarieti decided to evolve the cases he created to store his watches by producing a small series of watch winders for himself and his friends. His objective: simulate the natural movements of the wrist to maintain his watches and keep them on time. As a great Patek Philippe watch collector, he presented his invention to the famous watchmaking house in 1990, which decided, after a year of testing, to order 500 watch winders. Thanks to this collaboration, Scatola quickly became known to collectors all over the world. The winder was born and approved!


This story is all about objects that are designed with a real depth of knowledge about what they are destined to contain. It is about pure quality, employing the hand skills of the best craftsmen, using the best leather, and it is about innovative technical solutions to match the classic taste and elegance of the boxes.
In the production cycle, everything starts with the design of the internal shapes and sizes, in such a way as to accommodate almost all styles of watch available today, for storage and transportation in perfect safety.
Every mould is first covered with a shock absorbent material and then with genuine calf leather. This operation is delicate and is done by hands with years of experience.
Other details like the clasps and zippers are also made in exclusive designs and are refined with palladium plating to ensure a lifetime of use and wear.

Evolution doesn’t stop there! The company’s technicians compete in intelligence and imagine new movements combining different rotation cycles. Thus, just as the best watchmakers create new complications – tourbillon, moon phases, perpetual calendars, equation of time – the frequency and intensity of movements adapt to the different watch models, chronographs or perpetual calendars for example.

We are constantly improving our products by collaborating with the most experienced artisans and using the best materials. Our most recent generation of mechanisms offers technical characteristics which are unique in terms of their reliability and performance. So that there is never a risk to the functioning of your watch, our watch winders make 1,900 revolutions per day, or rather, 950 revolutions in each direction. This frequency corresponds to the majority of automatic watches on the market. Nevertheless, our advanced technology allows you to customise this rate. This function therefore guarantees that rewinding is perfectly adapted to your watch. Thanks to the high performance of our 100% Swiss-made mechanisms, our watch winders are completely autonomous for three years. Two simple 1.5 volt alkaline batteries are enough to ensure their operation. Available in two sizes – normal and small – the watch holders are held in place by a locking system. Thanks to the attention to detail that characterises our brand, your watch will automatically position itself vertically when the watch winder is paused. And, of course, your watch winder benefits from a three-year international guarantee.

For nearly 30 years, Scatola del Tempo’s expertise has been constantly reinvented, but its philosophy remains the absolute care at all levels.